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Honeymooners Survive Death Threats

Acts and Facts:

Renewal News:

When Glenn and Terrie Smith of Seattle, Washington, departed on a three-month around-the world honeymoon after their June 1996 wedding, they didn’t expect it to turn into a ministry trip. Nor did they expect billing as a signs and wonders crusade in India.

The Smiths, who co-pastor a charismatic assembly, Servant House Evangelistic Ministries (SHEM) International, Seattle, WA agree that “It was a blast!”

An Indian acquaintance from St. Peter’s church in Madras has arranged a whirl-wind tour of non-stop healing crusades and renewal meetings for them. Prior to the meetings the Smiths learned that the services had to be moved to a new location due to a death threat made against the couple. Prompted by these tiding, at the first renewal meeting Glenn, “spoke a message of love, forgiveness, and willingness to lay down our lives for those who hate us,” he reported in an interview. He expressed a desire for someone to tell the man making the threats that he was praying for him, and that Jesus loves him. “When I said this, I meant for God to send someone else to tell him,” he added.

But God gave him the opportunity. As Glenn and his wife admired a property under construction behind a wall, workmen invited them in for a closer look. While they strolled about, a man emerged from under a canopy who one of the workmen introduced as “my boss, Siva” - - the man who had threatened to “kill the Americans.”

Shaken but determined, Smith delivered his message of God’s love to the man. Siva thanked him and asked if he would pray God’s blessing on the property and his men. “And this was the man who had made death threats!” Smith marveled, “I wish I could say that by the end of the month Siva was saved, but I can’t. By the end of the month he was in prison on murder charges!”

As Glenn and Terrie Smith saw God refresh, save and heal many others, “God showed us how much we have here in North America materially and in terms of the outpouring of God’s Spirit. He showed us how important it is to share it.” Smith also believes God taught him that if He gives a person a vision of need, He will likely choose that person to fill it.

Today, thirteen years later Glenn and Terrie Smith minister around the world in crusades and evangelistic conferences seeing many souls saved and many hearts healed. Glenn has served on the Maple Valley City Council as a council member and as Deputy Mayor. He has served on the executive board of the Puget Sound Regional Council. Glenn currently pastors a small group in the South King Council area. Terrie has two CD’s published and serves in the music ministry today.