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Our God is an awesome God and I for one am grateful that He is. I want to share my testimony with you so that you will be blessed by what he has done.

All my life I had grown up in a semi-catholic family going to church, becoming an altar boy and really never knowing God. I attended a catholic high-school and was a semi-unpopular sort of individual. When I attended school there was a revival of teenagers going on in my home neighborhood. Many of my high-school friends were becoming these crazy religious fanatics that called themselves Christian and spoke in these weird languages that no one understood. I did not want to associate with them and therefore kept losing friends to, "God."

After High-School I attended flight school for a year and was achieving high grades of F+. I flunked out of flight school within six months and started getting very depressed. I felt like a total loser and after only one year of community college moved back home and in with my parents. I fought with my mother constantly and had no real relationship with my father. I had screaming fights with my parents so bad that they should have kicked me out but I drove them out. They left one Saturday and I went in and went to bed early. I got up about 2AM so full of hate for myself. I became miserable and did not want to continue living.

All my life my father had been in emergency medicine and first aid. He had shot needles around and IV equipment for Emergency medicine. Naturally, I had been trained on how to use this equipment and how to inject things into people and knew just how to end my miserable existence.

On that Sunday morning about 2AM in August I took an IV shot needle filled it with Lysol from under my parents sink and injected it into my vein in my right arm. I remember intense heat as I did this and falling to the floor. I remember standing up and looking down at myself laying there dead with an empty needle sticking out of my arm.

The next thing I knew I was at an open casket funeral in the Catholic church that my family had attended all my life, Our Lady of Lourdes. I remember seeing my mother and father, my grandmother and many of my friends whom I had known in the church. I remember seeing my father, who never cried or was emotional in public, crying. I have two older sisters, my eldest Debbie was there and I remember seeing her just shaking her head and looking forward as if in disbelief. I looked to where Debbie was looking and saw the open casket. I remember looking into the casket and seeing myself. At that point I was freaking out because I did not understand what had happened. I thought I was fine. I looked around the church and saw one young man whom I knew from the youth group, The Wednesday Night Group. I remember walking to the back of the church and trying to speak with this friend who had invited me to the bible study many times. I was standing in between him and the priest while the priest was talking. I remember Brian (my friend) looking straight through me at the priest and never knowing that I was there. I just assumed he was being rude and said so to him. I then turned around and sat in the seat in front of him.

It was at that point that I was no longer in the church. I was in a very bad place seeing very bad things knowing that I would never again be in the presence of anything good, anything Godly or anything other than absolute terror. I knew that I was in hell. I knew that I would be there forever and I knew that I was totally separated from God for all of eternity.

There were two things that I remember having seen when I was there. Let me take just a minute to share with you what it was I did see.

I was in a shadowed room that appeared very much to be underground. I could see a few people around, I could see a few moving shadow like creatures and I could see what appeared to be tree roots. One place that I looked there was a woman being held against a wall by these roots. They were growing into and out of her arms and around her as if she had been there for a very long time. I looked at her and saw what appeared to be a snake about the size around of her mouth crawling in the back of her head and out her mouth. I could see her watching this happen and I could tell that she was unable to stop it. I looked away from that and over to where I saw a man being held down by creatures made entirely of what appeared to be dark shadow. They were holding him to a stump and flaying him alive. He was screaming in agony. One of the type of creatures that was flaying him was standing right in front of me. This creature was a hooded figure. I knew that I was powerless before this creature. I knew that it could do anything it wanted to me, as long as it wanted to me. I could feel the hatred pouring off this creature toward me. I had never experienced terror like that before.

Right then, when I saw all of this I was reminded of what the only other Born Again believer in my family, my grandfater, had said and what the kids of the youth group (The Wednesday Night Group) had said. They had said if I was ever in trouble all I had to do was cry out to Jesus. They had told me that all I had to do was cry out to God the Father. At that moment with whatever was left of my lungs, I cried out, "FATHER!!!". I was calling out to GOD the FATHER! I was then in the church again, there was no funeral going on and the mass was ending. I told God at that point that if He was real and wanted me I would accept Him into my heart forever. In tears I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I then turned around, Brian was still there behind me. I spoke to him and asked if I could come to the youth group meeting. He said of course and told me to come early. He said it starts at 7 be there at 6, be there at 5.

At that time I woke up at my parents house on the floor with a needle full of Lysol laying next to my arm. IT HAD NEVER BEEN USED. I looked at my arm and knew that God had turned back the clock and I had not committed suicide. I spent the next three days devouring the gospels and reading all about my new Savior. I may have slept for two hours and I know I did not eat. My parents came home expecting to have a son screaming obscenities at them again because that was all I ever really did. They came home to find a son apologizing for being so aweful to them and telling them how much he loved them and wanted to be a good son and cryihng on their shoulder. I belive they must have wondered who had replaced their son and whom to thank. On Wednesday evening I went to the youth group two hours early.

As I walked in Brian was sitting on the couch. He was there a full two hours early. I walked up and asked him what was up. He looked straight down at his Bible and would not look up again. He said he did not want to talk to me because I would think he was crazy. I told him that I would not think he was crazy and he asked me to sit down. He then told me that on Sunday he was going to go to Our Lady of Lourdes like he always did and he decided to sleep in instead. He then said while he slept he had a dream about going to my funeral and my getting born again. I then told him when the funeral was ending and the mass was finishing that I turned to him in tears and asked if the Wednesday night group was still going and if I could come. He exclaimed with eyes as big as golf balls, YOU JUST GOT BORN AGAIN!

We related word for word everything in the experience as the same. I told him how happy I was to have Jesus Christ as my King of Kings and Lord of Lords in my life and that life really was worth living.

My message to people therefore is one of hope, one of knowing that no matter how bad things get Jesus Christ is real and does love you and that you are not alone. God is there for you and all you have to do is ask for Him to come into your life.

It has been my lifelong goal to reach people with the message of salvation that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior. It is my high hopes that if you do not know the Lord or have ever felt depressed that you know He is there and He loves you. It is an awesome thing for Christ to have given His life for you.

If you would like someone to pray with or talk to write to us at SHEM@SHEM.NET. Or you can call us at 1-425-432-5134 and Terrie and I will be glad to pray with you. If you would like to have Glenn and Terrie share their testimonies and worship with you please let us know.